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Gunther Steinmetz - Virgo Gaia Gris 2020

Gunther Steinmetz - Virgo Gaia Gris 2020

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Every year, Stefan Steinmetz, the current owner of the winery and son of Gunther Steinmetz, tries something new. In the year 2020 he took his Pinot Gris grape and let it macerate just a little longer than normal. This causes the blue skin of the Pinot Gris grape to release its color and flavor and you get a white wine that has a rosé or even red color. The scent of raspberries also comes through strongly here.

This limited edition natural wine will certainly delight us! Fun fact, Stefan's wife Sammy is pictured on the bottle.

Content: 75cl
Domain: Gunther Steinmetz
Country: Germany
Grapes: 100% Pinot Gris