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Gunther Steinmetz - Wintricher Geierslay 'sur lie' 2020

Gunther Steinmetz - Wintricher Geierslay 'sur lie' 2020

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This Riesling has an intense bouquet with many minerals and yellow fruit. You can smell different types of citrus zests here and it has a very mineral taste that makes your mouth water.

Characteristic of Stefan Steinmetz is the spontaneous fermentation and the absence of additives in the vineyard or in the cellar. The Riesling from the Wintricher Geierslay is matured in stainless steel, where it matures sur lie on the fine lees and thus acquires a very special elegance.

This wine can be enjoyed perfectly in the evening without food, but it also goes well with a piece of spicy chicken or fish.

Content: 75cl
Domain: Gunther Steinmetz
Country: Germany
Grapes: 100% Riesling